PVC Insulation Tape Technical Specification

PVC Insulation TapeReference:

ET/403AS- PVC insulation Tape


PVC Insulation electrical insulation tape, complying with British Standards BS 3924:1978. The tape is flame retardant falling into the self extinguishing category. Very good electrical properties, tough, flexible and good conformability.


Item Value
Widths available 50mm – 75mm – 100mm
Standard length 20 m / 33 m
Total thickness 0.15 mm
Tack to steel 1.5 N / cm min
Tensile strength 13 MPa min
Adhesion to steel 1.80 N / cm min
Adhesion to self 1.80 N / cm
Elongaton at break 125%
Application temperature +5°C to +70°C
Service temperature -20°C to +90°C
Dielectric strength 40.0 kV / mm


Wire and cable insulation, colour coding of electrical cables, loom harnessing, stopping off in plating, prevention of electrolytic corrosion, packaging applications, drum and tube sealing.


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