PCL Cloth Tape - Gaffer Tape Technical Specification

Gaffer TapeReference:

GT/218TT- PCL Cloth Tape


A laminated polythene/cloth tape coated with an aggressive pressure adhesive.


Item Value
Widths available 50 mm
Standard length 50 m
Adhesion to steel: After 24 hour 14.5 N / 25 mm
Tensile strength 35 N / cm
Adhesion to self 6.5 N / 25 mm
Application Temperature +10°C to +45°C
Service temperature -50°C to +65°C
Moisture vapour permeability 25gm/m²/24hrs@38°C and 90% RH


Ideal for the edging of sealed units, carton closure, drum and keg sealing. Also widely used for sealing in the thermal insulation and construction industries. Widely used for sealing asbestos removal enclosures.


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