Gasket Tape - Butyl Tape Technical Specification

Butyl Gasket TapeReference:

GTB/440 – Butyl Gasket Tape


Butyl Gasket tape is a pre-formed strip of 100% polymeric, butyl rubber compound which assures virtually airtight joints. It bonds immediately to the mating flanges without slippage or movement.


Item Value
Widths available 9mm wide x 4mm thick
15mm wide x 4mm thick
19mm wide x 3mm thick
25mm wide x 5mm thick
Standard length 10m (9&15) 8m (19&25)
Service temperature -50°C to +105°C
Flexibility Infinite at room temperature, excellent at low temp
Stability Will not flow, slump or drip even at +105
Aging Retains excellent flexibility with no apparent loss of adhesion to galvanised steel, aluminium or painted substrates


Typical applications include sealing of duct flanges and laps in ductwork, especially on ductwork subject to pressure testing carried out at 1000Pa or over. Self adhesive sealant may be considered as a void filling adhesive. It was developed to provide a tough, durable metal lap joint seal against the ingress of water, dirt and the like.


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